Heating Oil


  • Highest Quality heating oil at discount prices.

  • Daily Price Updates

  • Reliable Delivery Windows

  • Transparent Pricing

  • Licensed & Insured


$3.699 /per gallon

**Please enter the number of gallons you would like delivered in intervals of 25 gallons.

If your tank cannot take the full order, our driver will report to the office.

The minimum order is 100 gallons.  No refunds will be given for orders under 100 gallons if your tank is filled to the maximum level.

If your tank cannot hold your full order over 100 gallons, we’ll refund you the difference**

How To Save Money

Krupa Online Direct saves you money and makes heating with oil easy.  We’ve created a system to remove the overhead and administrative costs associated with a classic full-service oil company, while providing the same quality service you might be used to.  We’re online and we keep it simple.  Want to learn more or have specific questions about our service?  Send us an email at oil@krupaonline.com.